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The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is a globally recognised organisation with 140 000 members across 120 countries. It is the world’s largest chartered human resource (HR) and learning and development (L&D) professional body, setting global standards for best practice in HR and its specialisms. It is also an awarding body for HR and L&D qualifications.

CIPD qualifications are available at Advanced Level 7, Intermediate Level 5 and Foundation Level 3, and you can study Awards, Certificates and Diplomas at each of these levels.

You can also study the L3 and L5 qualifications as part of an HR Apprenticeship.

Most CIPD qualifications provide the underpinning knowledge towards CIPD professional membership (Associate, Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow). Professional Membership of the CIPD demonstrates that you meet the CIPD rigorous criteria and global standards of best practice in HR. Professional membership is an achievement that ensures you stand out in your career.

Valued by employers

You can be sure CIPD qualifications will equip you with the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for.

HR in a business context

All our qualifications focus on the role of HR in building sustainable business success.

Flexible to meet your needs

Learn at your own pace and gain credit for your achievements. Our Certificates and Diplomas have a range of optional units to meet your particular development needs.

HR and L&D study paths

The opportunity to branch out into HR, Learning and Development and other specialisms at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced level.

Boosting your earning potential

Independent research reveals that individuals with professional qualifications stand to earn £81,000 in additional earning over a lifetime (CCPMO Economic Impact Report, December 2008).

The knowledge for professional membership

Many of our qualifications cover the knowledge required to work towards CIPD professional membership i.e. Associate, Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow.

Benefits of studying a CIPD qualification


Level 7 Award, Certificate & Diploma in Human Resource Management

Level 5 Award, Certificate & Diploma in Human Resource Management

Level 3 Award, Certificate & Diploma in Human Resource Practice

Advanced Level 7 Intermediate Level 5 Foundation (HR) Level 3